Peer Review Process

The review process of the journal is blind to authors and meets all ethical aspects of impartiality. This seriousness and care are important for the credibility and recognition of the journal by the technical and scientific community.

The process of evaluating articles is totally transparent and confidential. In this process, the Editor-in-Chief assigns one Associate Editor to manage the revisions. The Associate Editor chooses at least two external reviewers. After receiving the reviews, the Associate Editor includes his/her recommendation along with the opinions of the reviewers. If the Editor-in-Chief is one of the authors, one of the Associate Editors will be assigned as invited Editor-in-Chief.

The authors do not have direct contact with the reviewers or know their names during the review process, even if one of the authors is an Editor of the Journal. The entire process is controlled by the appointed Associate Editor who cannot have any link that violates ethical aspects with the authors. The final decision is defined by the Editor-in-Chief in consensus with the Associate Editor. Reviewers are confidential and their identity is preserved to avoid embarrassment or favoritism in the review process.