Mission, Scope and Publishing Model

The IBRACON Structures and Materials Journal (in Portuguese: Revista IBRACON de Estruturas e Materiais) is a technical and scientific divulgation vehicle of IBRACON (Brazilian Concrete Institute), published every two months. Each issue has 10 to 15 articles and, possibly, a technical note and/or a technical discussion regarding a previously published paper. All contributions are reviewed and approved by professionals with recognized scientific competence in the area.

The publishing model is continuous publication, then each paper is published online at the SciELO repository as soon as it is approved, checked for editorial issues and formatted. When a full edition is completed, the pdf is made available online with eventual editorials with relevant comments.

The IBRACON Structures and Materials Journal was created in 2008 as a result of the combination of the previous IBRACON Structural Journal and IBRACON Materials Journal.


  • Present current developments and advances in the area of concrete structures and materials;
  • Make possible the better understanding of structural concrete behavior, supplying subsidies for a continuous interaction among researchers, producers and users;
  • Stimulate the development of scientific and technological research in the areas of concrete structures and materials, through papers peer-reviewed by a qualified Editorial Board;
  • Promote the interaction among researchers, constructors and users of concrete structures and materials and the development of Civil Construction;
  • Provide a vehicle of communication of high technical level for researchers and designers in the areas of concrete structures and materials.