Information For Authors


Scope and Policy

The IBRACON Structures and Materials Journal aims to disseminate recent developments and advances in concrete structures and materials and promote the development of the construction industry through joint collaboration of researchers, engineers, designers, builders, manufacturers and users of concrete structures and materials. The main objective is the publication of original contributions on scientific and technological research, development, and implementation of structural concrete. This includes, among others, articles on standards, structural design, concrete structures, composite structures, cement, cementitious materials, and their derivatives, such as concrete and mortar, reinforcing polymeric materials, and asphalt used in construction. Fracture mechanics, aspects of durability, structural properties, performance in situ, construction techniques and structural behavior of materials when used in components and structures are also in the scope of the Journal. Access to the Journal is free of charge for authors and readers.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

  1. The Journal will publish original papers (preferable) and review papers. Errata and paper discussions may also be published.

    a) Original papers will be accepted if they are in accordance with the objectives of the Journal and present quality of information and presentation.

    b) Review papers are published only if they bring a significant contribution to the field, with an extensive review and discussion, and new and remarkable conclusions.

    c) A discussion is received no later than 3 months after the publication of the paper or technical note. The discussion must be limited to the topic addressed in the published paper and must not be offensive. The right of reply is granted to the Authors. The discussions and the replies are published in the subsequent issues of the Journal.

  2. The submission file should be in Microsoft Word, RTF or OpenOffice file format, according to the paper's sample in English.

  3. It is recommended that the length of the papers does not exceed 30 pages.

  4. Where available, URLs for the references should be provided.

  5. The IBRACON Structures and Materials Journal will conduct the review process for manuscripts submitted in English. Titles, abstracts and keywords are presented in English, and in Portuguese or Spanish.

  6. Articles are peer-reviewed and only published after approval of the reviewers and the Editorial Board.

Once accepted, an article is typeset according to the journal layout. The author will be required to review and approve the galleys before publishing. At this stage only typesetting errors will be considered.