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IBRACON - Instituto Brasileiro do Concreto (Brazilian Concrete Institute)
Instituto Brasileiro do Concreto (IBRACON),
Av. Queiroz Filho, nº 1700 sala 407/408 Torre D, Villa Lobos Office Park, CEP 05319-000, São Paulo, SP - Brasil, Tel. (55 11) 3735-0202, Fax: (55 11) 3733-2190 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil
E-mail: riem@ibracon.org.br

The IBRACON (Brazilian Concrete Institute) is a non-profit technical-scientific organization, founded in 1972 by professionals and academics from the concrete industry. Its objective is to disseminate concrete technology and its construction systems, providing information, promoting courses, editing technical publications, encouraging the formation of Technical Committees, certifying professionals and organizing the Brazilian Concrete Congress, a national event that brings together the technical and scientific community to discuss research, developments and innovations related to concrete and its materials, structural analysis, construction methodologies, technical management and related themes. IBRACON's mission is to create, disseminate and defend knowledge about concrete works, for the benefit of consumers and society, in harmony with the environment.